Baby Sandals: 10 Best Pairs For Your Baby

Seeing your baby take her first steps is a memorable experience for both you and her. You might want to consider getting her first pair of baby sandals now that she’s cruising. There are many different types of baby shoes available, but which ones are the best for new walkers?

Toddlers require supportive footwear that is comfortable, easy to put on, and appropriately fitted (since those little feet quickly grow). There are numerous styles to select from, so find one that fits your lifestyle, price, and requirements.

Because some toddlers are early walkers, it is critical that the shoe fits, supports the foot properly, and is worn correctly. A beach slide, for example, may not be supported as it should be at the beach for limited periods. The feet of your child will appreciate you if you invest in a well-made everyday shoe.

Based on these guidelines, here are 10 baby sandals you might consider for the first steps of your tots:

1. Sketchers Kids Foamies Guzman Steps


These water-friendly baby sandals are equally at home on a splash pad and beach as they are on a pool deck or playground, making them ideal for everyday wear. These slip-on shoes have a cushioned footbed and general perforation for cooling. They’re affordable, comfy, and come in several colors (even glitter!).

The soft fabric heel, which makes it incredibly easy for youngsters to put these on themselves, is the best aspect for kids and adults. You won’t have to wrestle chubby feet into snug shoes like you would with other shoes. Another benefit is that these shoes are closed-toe, which is a requirement at many camps and preschools.

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2. Native Charley Block Baby Sandals


Run, bounce, and splash in these waterproof baby sandals made entirely of synthetic materials. These can be worn at the beach or the water’s edge and are ideal for any water activity. Because they do not contain any shells or beachy debris can easily flow out of the shoe.

The sandal includes two Velcro straps that children can adjust to obtain the right fit, and dexterous toddlers will have no issue getting them on or off themselves.

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3. Crocs Cross-Strap Baby Sandals


These cross-strap sandals are made of the same material as traditional Crocs and feature the same robust design that makes classic Crocs so popular. The velcro fastening allows you to tailor the fit on your child’s feet while also preventing them from sliding off during play.

These adorable sandals include a heart charm pattern that adds a personal touch, and they’re available in a variety of gorgeous colors like pink, purple, and seafoam green! Crocs are a must-have for messy toddlers since they are washable, comfortable, and durable.

Because the heart charm isn’t removable, you won’t be able to swap it out for another Crocs charm (also known as a Jibbitz).

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4. Nike Sunray Baby Sandals


These sports sneakers are ultra-lightweight and perfect for a day at the beach, the pool, or stomping puddles! Wherever your youngster is playing, the quick-drying, cushioned material makes these sandals comfy and dry. Sandals don’t slip off thanks to the velcro closure, and the design prevents uncomfortable toe stubs.

These soft sandals won’t cause blisters and are tough enough to withstand a summer of toddler fun. Nike Sunrays are perfect for wide baby feet and contain holes for breathability, so feet don’t get damp and sweaty.

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5. Hoy Shoes Salt Water Sandals


These unisex sandals include breathable leather straps and a rubber sole, making them a fan favorite. The rust-resistant metal buckle can adjust for a perfect fit. When the sandals get wet, leave them on your child’s feet, according to parent reviews. The sandals adapt to your child’s foot shape as the leather dries. Salt Water Sandals are also available in adult sizes if family matching is a priority.

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6. Stride Rite Unisex-Child Soft Motion Splash Athletic Sneaker


Stride Rite is a well-known brand, particularly among small children. A supportive shoe with a soft sole that provides both support and flexibility for early walkers. The shoe is easy to put on and take off and made of quick-dry material that will dry if it gets wet.

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7. KEEN Unisex-Child Seacamp Ii CNX Sandal

Sandals with a closed toe are safer for active children at outdoor summer camps and preschools. These robust shoes are ideal for your child if they will be spending a lot of time outside. The polyester top is comfy and easy to clean, while the non-marking rubber sole is robust and supportive.

There’s a secure fit mechanism to tighten or release the strap also a velcro strap across the instep for a precise fit. The shoes’ indestructibility is praise by parents, who delight about how well they hold up throughout the summer.

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8. Apakowa Unisex Beach Sandals

For kids who enjoy running, these breathable sandals have excellent traction. They also have a design that protects your toes from stubbed toes: the front half has a closed-toe design to keep your feet safe! These comfy sand and sun shoes offer an adjustable velcro fastening for the best fit and are made with a soft inside lining to prevent blisters.

Apakowa’s long-lasting sandals are made of the finest leather and will last until your child outgrows them. They’re also easy to clean, breathable, and come in a variety of colors for your picky little one.

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9. Teva Baby T Psyclone XLT Sport Sandal


While most of the sandals on this list are water-friendly, they stand out. They have a grippy rubber outsole, so your child will not slip no matter where they go. The mesh top also allows your child’s feet to breathe, preventing them from being too hot.

While most of the sandals on this list are water-friendly, they stand out. They have a grippy rubber outsole, so your child will not slip no matter where they go. The mesh top also allows your child’s feet to breathe, preventing them from being too hot. These sandals are a little on the large side, so size down.

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10. Crocs Crocband Sandals


What’s the difference between the classic Crocs and modern Crocband sandals, which you and your kids already love? This sportier version has a velcro fastening, so you won’t have to worry about your child’s feet slipping out of their Crocs as they run and play! This new shape is ideal for busy kids who don’t want to trip over their feet.

Aside from that, they have the same features as Crocs, including being sturdy, light on the feet, very comfy, and easily washable! Crocs are a budget-friendly option that will endure until your child outgrows them. The secure fit gives you peace of mind while allowing your child to play freely. These sandals are a little longer and wider than other brands when placing and double-check the size chart!

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It doesn’t have to be difficult to find sandals for your toddler. You may tempt to buy something sparkly, attractive, and fashionable but remember that when it comes to shoes for feet must take precedence over fashion (though you are free to purchase the sparklies for yourself!) Sandals should be supportive and comfy, as well as having arch support for growing feet and toes.

A toddler’s feet develop so quickly. Few parents opt to size up, which is okay if it is only half-size allowing children to have room to grow, allowing them to wear the same shoes for longer than a few months! Check that your child’s toes have enough room in front of them (and aren’t dangling over the edges of the shoe) and that their feet don’t have marks on the sides of their feet after wearing them – this could indicate that the shoe is too tight.

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