Baby Shower Cakes? Here Are 10 Gorgeous Ideas

Now that the party games are all up, it’s time to think about one of the most crucial aspects of any gathering: the cake, of course! You’ll discover the perfect baby shower cakes here, whether you want something bright and innovative or something simple and elegant.

Here are 10 baby shower cake ideas that are well worth the time and effort. They’re trendy, one-of-a-kind, and there’s something for everyone – from beginners to experts!

Grey and Pastel Baby Shower Cakes


The appeal of elegant grey and pastel-colored baby shower cakes hasn’t waned. These cakes (simple for all skill levels) are adorable, as is the lovely little giraffe topper made a week ahead of time. This clothing line full of small baby garments is a delightful gift for the adventurous, as well as the mother-to-be!

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Cakes

Gender reveal cakes are becoming popular, and we love that they’re accessible to people of all skill levels. Beginners can try a simple buttercream ombre cake or a lolly-filled cake, while more expert decorators can try fondant booties, plaques, lettering, or adorable buzzy bees.


Naked Cakes

Why not try a ‘naked cake’ if you’re short on time or new to baking? They’re a popular wedding cake style, but we believe they’d also be lovely during a baby shower. To finish the look, add an adorable cupcake topper like “hello world.”


Baby Bump Cakes

Baby bump cakes are everywhere, and they’re simple to prepare. Customize using fondant or buttercream frosting to fit the gender and style of the soon-to-be mother! Make sure you have plenty of Queen fondant on hand for this project.


White on White Cakes


White on white cakes will gain in popularity in the coming year, from looking simple then subtle to elaborate and ornate, and we can see why — they’re stunning! The perfect cake for a mom-to-be who is holding out on finding out the gender of her baby until the big day.

Cheeky Cakes


Who says you have to be serious when it comes to baby shower cakes? This naked cake with the phrase “joy pushing” is simple, amusing, and will delight everyone with its honesty!

Nappy Bag Cakes

A nappy (or diaper, depending on where you live) bag cake is one for the daring! It will not only steal the show but also be talking about for years to come. Check out our fondant decorating instructions and give it a shot!


Modern Cakes

If you’re looking for a cake that isn’t just pastel pink and blue, look no further. Make a delightful sprinkle cake by making a sponge layer cake, icing it with buttercream, then liberally sprinkling sprinkles on top. Roll out fondant triangles and apply them in a trendy pattern to make this geometric cake for the ultra-cool, design-loving mother-to-be.


A gorgeous cake could lift any mom-to-be’s worries and give more excitement in welcoming their little one. Choosing the perfect baby shower cake would add that thrill and pleasure.

We hope theaw ideas we shared could help you determine what to prepare for this exciting milestone of your life.

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