The Best Baby Mobile in 2021 and Where to Get Them

The best baby mobile should look good above cribs, changing tables, strollers, or car seats, but they provide much more than just nursery room decor. They help stimulate your baby’s eyesight as it progresses from seeing merely close-up to seeing far away, and from seeing black and white to — before you realize it — full colors and dimensions.

Baby mobiles can enhance your baby’s developing motor abilities, such as when they begin tracking moving things with their eyes at 3 months of age. Knowing these benefits, we’ve compiled a list of the top baby mobiles so you won’t have to scour the internet looking forf the right one.

Why Do Babies Love Mobiles?

When it comes to sleeping babies, the back is preferable, as you’ve certainly heard many times. The ceiling above your baby’s resting area can be a fairly uninviting place to view when they’re on their back.

Babies thrive on stimulus, and having something fun to look at could mean the difference between your baby being content and getting cranky quickly. No one wants to stare at a blank ceiling, but if there’s something fascinating above, your kid will be captivated.

Baby mobiles are ideal for parents who want to make the most of their free time when their child is sleeping or resting. A mobile can be a soothing and distracting companion if your baby becomes fussy as soon as you leave the room.

How to Choose the Best Mobile

It is important that you locate a mobile that will satisfy your child. When looking for a new home, keep the following things in mind.


A moving baby mobile will pique your child’s interest far more than one that remains stationary. Because the motor and batteries must be accommodated, moving baby mobiles are slightly heavier than stationary ones. One disadvantage of a moving phone is that the batteries will need to be replaced regularly.

Direction You Want

Baby mobiles used to only spin around in circles in a room when the windows were open, but now they can do all sorts of things thanks to motors. You can get a mobile that rotates clockwise, counterclockwise, up and down, or all three.

Kind of Toys

On baby mobiles, there are a plethora of toys to choose from. You must choose one that will hold your baby’s attention. If your child has never seen a monkey, you should generally avoid buying a monkey-themed mobile.

Try to figure out which toys pique your child’s interest. If your child adores Elmo, look for a mobile with Sesame Street characters. To promote sleep, you might choose calm toys that aren’t overly stimulating.

Make Sure It Fits Your Crib

Crib-mounted baby mobiles are made to fit specific cribs, although not all of them do. If your crib has rounded corners, make sure you choose one that can fit them. If your crib has square edges, you should do the same.


If you’re thinking about getting a music-playing phone, make sure the music you’re listening to is something you enjoy. Although most baby mobiles play peaceful music, you never know if yours will play a fast-paced version of a nursery tale. The most common preference is for soothing tunes.

You should also consider how the song will be performed. It can be inconvenient to have to wind the mobile every time you want the music to play. The majority of parents prefer phones that have musical timers. A consistent amount of music is beneficial; babies sleep better with a steady white noise source, such as a fan, than with shifting sounds such as music.

Baby’s Point of View

You must ensure that the mobile is appropriate for your infant. Some mobiles are attractive to parents and can be used as decorations, but they are not enticing to your kid.

View the mobile from underneath to get a better picture of what your kid will see and whether it appears interesting and amusing.

The Best Baby Mobile Selections of 2021

Here are some of our favorite baby mobiles currently available.

1. Shiloh Plush Musical Baby Mobile

This musical mobile is ideal for music fans looking for a mobile that offers a variety of possibilities for their youngster.

Shiloh’s musical mobile has 60 world-famous tunes that can be played for up to an hour. If there is no operation, it will go to sleep after 30 minutes. When you press the button again, the musical mobile will begin at the breakpoint.

Music, spin, volume up, volume down, music previous, and music next are the six buttons on the phone. These buttons ensure that you won’t be stuck listening to the same music over and over again. When your baby plays with the toy, it will start playing music or making varied sounds to promote engagement.

This is the best musical mobile because it has so many possibilities, safety features, and bright and appealing colors that will fascinate your child.

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2. Tiny Love Take Along Baby Mobile


The Tiny Love Take-Along Mobile is a bright and entertaining mobile that can easily accompany your baby wherever he or she goes. Babies will enjoy the sense of stability and continuity that accompanying this mobile everywhere they go from a young age.

The bright hanging toys spin to give visual stimulation to your infant. There are also a variety of colors and styles to pick from, ensuring that you locate a mobile that complements your decor. This mobile is ideal for a mom who wants all of the benefits of a crib mobile with the added convenience of being able to attach it and take it with her on the road.

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3. Tiny Love Meadow Days Crib Mobile


The Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile is a brilliant method to keep your child entertained at home and on the go from the time they are a baby to the time they are a toddler.

The diversity of musical possibilities on this mobile make it a popular choice. There are up to 40 minutes of continuous and non-repeating music for your child to enjoy, with six different musical genres and 18 different tunes. The mobile’s unique relaxing motion captures and holds a baby’s attention, and the bright buttons allow your youngster to independently activate and adjust the music. The one-of-a-kind design includes two high-quality speakers with convenient volume control.

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4. Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile


The Infant Stim Mobile is a crib mobile that uses research-based black and white, high-contrast visuals and images to totally engage your baby. This is an excellent option if you’re searching for a mobile that will keep your toddler entertained while they’re learning.

The simple-to-install crib mobile arm comes with an adjustable cord that allows you to vary the distance between the graphic cards and the baby as their vision grows. Because the arm lock fits most cribs, you won’t have to worry about it not working.

The Stim-Mobile was created in 1988 and has won various awards over the years, most recently being chosen the best mobile in Reader’s Favorites. The product takes pride in its attention to detail and milestone-specific illustrations, which will assist motivate your child to study.

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5. Tiny Love Classic Developmental Baby Mobile


With this mobile, you won’t have to pick between developmental mobiles’ austere black and white themes and the lovely, cute characters that youngsters like. It blends the two to create a one-of-a-kind and original design. From the top of the mobile, three spirals for development and three animal characters hang. Choose among four melodic tracks, including a 20-minute continuous loop of classical music, from the music box. It also has movement and lighting effects.

Moms may manage how engaged their children are with their phones by shutting off lights, movement, or sound as they see fit. You may remove the arm and let your baby play with the music controls on their own once they’re a little older. A night light that glows helps newborns sleep through the night as well.

This baby mobile encourages both development and entertainment thanks to its multiple functions and parts, making it an excellent choice for any mom.

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6. Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tales Crib Mobile


This mobile is ideal if you’re looking for a sleeping solution for your child that offers a relaxing rather than a wholly distracting environment. This device comes with a variety of useful functions, including music and night light.

Because of the universal attachment, you won’t have to worry about this mobile not fitting in your crib. It’s made to suit nearly all modern-day cribs with ease.

This can be used as a table lamp or night light once your youngster outgrows the need for mobile. The possibilities are unlimited, and it’s fantastic to know that a small investment might pay out big time.

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7. Wooden Beads Infant Mobile


The vibrant colors and geometrical design of these hanging wooden beads wind chime will draw the baby’s interest right away. The gently swaying crib mobile will assist your infant in focus and track, and the offset appendages will aid with depth perception development. This not only aids your baby’s vision development but also has a relaxing impact as he or she settles into the cot or awakens from a nap.

This is a wonderful phone if you want something simple that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of newer phones. It is created in such a way that it can still move about without the use of batteries or motors.

You may rest assured that this mobile will always entertain your child and will not stop working due to a dead battery.

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8. Intmedic Bluetooth Musical Crib Mobile


The Intmedic Bluetooth Mobile begins life as a motorized crib mobile featuring music, toys, and a light show for newborns.

You may use the Bluetooth function to soothe your baby with music and calming sounds – without bothering him or her! Meanwhile, music mode allows you to listen to music and see the full-color ceiling light show from your smartphone or tablet for up to 40 minutes.

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9. Sorrel + Fern Scandinavian Elephant Baby Mobile


Sorrel + Fern Baby Crib Mobile will come in handy if you are too thrilled to acquire baby stuff before the gender of the baby is revealed. It has 3D character projections made of eco-friendly felt and untreated wood that will put your baby to sleep in no time.

This mobile is ideal for moms who prefer a minimalistic approach to decorating their baby’s room.

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10. Tiny Love Pack and Go Mini Baby Mobile


If you’re always on the go, you’ve probably looked for ways to keep your infant entertained. Because you aren’t always able to come to their rescue, keeping your kid happy in a stroller or car seat might be difficult. Because it is portable and lets you take it with you wherever you go, this mobile is an excellent choice for on-the-go travel.

This mobile is made to be closer to your infant than crib mobiles, which is one of its best benefits. This means that your baby will be able to completely interact with it, and the pieces will be safe to pick up.

There are no threads or dangerous things in the room that could cause suffocating or choking. This is especially critical if you want to use it in your car when you won’t be able to keep your eyes on your kid all of the time.

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Which mobile phone do you intend to get for your child? Let us know what you think in the comments box below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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